User Guidelines

Our goal is to create a simple, interesting and secure application and other services where you will be happy to spend your time and enjoy the gameplay. We are creating our community of fair and decent users, and in order to be part of our community, make sure that you fully read, understand and accept these rules.

Be friendly

Interacting with other users, please be polite, friendly and respect everyone. Never defame, do not prosecute, do not threaten, do not use obscene words, do not harm, do not be rude, do not violate private and public human rights. If users enter into a dispute with you, attack you, offend, troll, or you think that you do not want to continue talking with these users, please ignore them, do not answer them in return. You should not inform us about it, just enough to use any way to limit communication with given people.

Be fair, respect our work

Using our application, respect the work of each member of our team. Do not spam, do not use abuse words, do not attack, do not be rude to our team. When communicating with a support team, always be fair, do not try to cheat in order to gain profit, always provide only truthful data, do not manipulate us, value our time with you. This also applies to your login in the game, a message in the trading that may offend, cause mockery of our team, game, other users or our other services.

Appreciate Private Data

Do not publish personal information about another user, do not try to take a photo or video of the user without his permission. Violation of the privacy of other people's data may lead to blocking access to our application.

Prevent impersonation

When communicating with other users or using trading, do not try to impersonate another person, do not mislead users, do not deceive them, always contact using your own account.

Avoid inappropriate content

When using our application, do not try to create any inappropriate content. This may include sexual or pornographic content, obscenity, or hate speech. We may remove inappropriate content if we consider it inappropriate for the application.

No to racism

Do not use any mention of racism, respect each member of the community. Any violations regarding racism will lead to blocking access to our application.

No cheating

Play fairly, do not hack the application, do not deceive users, always provide only true data. Attempts to alter the image by spoofing some parts of the picture are also considered unacceptable behavior. Do not sell accounts, do not exchange things inside the application, for other things outside it. Do not use programs to hack the application, do not try to trick the application logic, do not use any automatic methods to simulate button presses. Any software intervention in our application will lead to the complete blocking of your account from our Service.

No scamming

When using our application, do not try to scam other users, do not try to manipulate trading to scam your opponent, be fair with other community members. Any attempts to scam will proceed to the block the part of your account or the whole Service.

Controversial situations

We take decisions in —Āontroversial situations at our discretion in order to provide quality service to the entire community.

Changes to Guidelines

We may update our User Guidelines from time to time. Thus, you are advised to review this page periodically for any changes. These changes are effective immediately after they are posted on this page.

We will enforce the Terms of Service as well these guidelines.

Last updated: 2023/01/26